Wright Flight

Wright Flight is a non-profit corporation dedicated to “helping kids reach new heights” in both their classrooms and their lives.  Wright Flight is a motivational program that teaches today’s youth how to set goals and achieve them.  Since its inception, over 10,000 students have graduated from the program.
The purpose of Wright Flight is to teach the youth of America how to set goals and achieve them.  It teaches that with hard work, diligence, and concentration, no goal is out of reach, not even becoming a pilot.  Passing the program is not easy, each student must achieve an academic goal while simultaneously completing the Wright Flight curriculum.  Only students who work hard enough can succeed and only they earn the right to fly.
1.  Students must improve their lowest grade by 10%.  Example: If a student has an 83% in math, they must achieve a 93% in the 12 week period.  Students with straight A’s must maintain and improve their percentage as much as possible.

2.  Students must pass all tests with 85%.

3.  Students will have a personal goal at home that they must meet through parent supervision each week.

4.  Students must maintain appropriate behavior in the classroom.  This will be checked each week.

5. Each student will complete a research paper on any topic that pertains to aviation.
The program your child is in – History of Aviation.  Each student makes a contract with their teacher to reach a specific academic and personal goal.  In conjunction with meeting their goal, the students must also complete a course in aviation history.  The curriculum starts with the first flight by the Wright Brothers and ends with the Space Shuttle program.  If the student meets their goal and passes the curriculum then they get to participate in the Fly-day.  Only students who meet their goal are allowed to fly.  Each student will get to go up in a single-engine airplane for about a half-hour.  The student will actually have their hands on the controls and do the majority of the flying themselves while under the supervision of a qualified pilot.
Wright Flight has been making a difference in kids’ lives for over 25 years.  In that time, they have maintained a PERFECT Graduation Fly-day Safety Record.  This is due to their competent and highly qualified pilots, the dedication of their Fly-day volunteers, and your cooperation.

Wright Flight starts in January and will be opened to 5th Graders.  Tuesdays from 3:00-4:00.

Fees:  $20.00 for notebook and materials (required), then $45.00 if the student makes it to Fly Day (only required if the student passes the course)

Wright Flight at Acacia is run by Cassidy Addison