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PTSA Acacia 

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2021-2022 PTSA Board Members

Rebecca Velo – Secretary
Amanda Klingonsmith – Treasurer
Lora Gruner – President

What is the PTSA?

Acacia Elementary’s Parent Teacher Student Association is made up of Parents, Teachers, Staff, Students, and Grandparents of the Acacia. The PTSA helps to raise money and place events for students and staff to help make everyone’s experience the best that it can be.

Why Join the PTSA

Get Connected: It’s a great way to know what is happening in your school and have a voice in the activities that are done. You will also network with other parents at the school, building a closer environment for everyone.

To Grow: By volunteering you will gain valuable experience, put your skills, hobbies or spare time to good use for a great cause and in the process meet new people. Our wonderful volunteers make a huge impact at the school!

Help Make a Positive Change: You will be able to offer and share new ideas. The PTSA plays an important role in fundraising to provide curriculum supplies, family events, books for the library, and important items for the school. You can voice your opinion and help make decisions on important issues such as budgets, activities, fundraisers and more.

What does the PTSA do for Acacia Elementary?

The PTSA raises money to support teachers in their classroom, provides snacks for benchmark testing, provides food and small presents for the teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, runs the two big fundraisers of the year (1 in fall and 1 in spring), does several events/activities for our students and much more!

How do I join?

To join, simply fill out the application and send it back to the school with your $10.00 application fee (there is a PTSA box in the main office you are able to drop your application off at. By being a member of the PTSA, you support your school by helping to provide funds that enable us to financially support the school and its students. However, this does not obligate you in any way to volunteer for PTSA events if you are not able to at this time.

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